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Genres: Mystery , Sci-Fi , Drama
Actors: Mark Stevens , Marianne Koch , Wolfgang Lukschy , Joachim Hansen , Delphi Lawrence , Walter Rilla , Helmut Weiss , John Longden , Albert Bessler , Sigurd Lohde , Wolfgang Gunther
Director: Bernard Knowles
Country: United Kingdom, West Germany
Year: 1964
IMDB Rating: 3.3/10 (196 votes)

A scientist experimenting with suspended animation decides to use himself as a test subject. While he is frozen, his wife is murdered, and he becomes the primary suspect.

Film Review

Are you ready for this? A scientist(Mark Stevens)and his attractive assistant Dr. Helen Wieland(Marianne Koch)are working with suspended animation and while trying to prove their theory he subjects himself to the big freeze. Meanwhile his jealous and drunkard wife(Delphi Lawrence)is murdered and being in a frozen state does not an alibi make. In spite of a cult following this chunk of ice is hardly worth defrosting. Suspended interest. Unanimated suspense. Predictable story line. Still it is fun to watch. Also in the cast are: Joachim Hansen, Walter Rilla, John Longden and Wolfgang Lukschy. Lawrence is over-the-top and her character is so easy to dislike. On the other hand it is obvious to see why she would be jealous of her husband’s assistant. Catch this as part of AMC Monsterfest.

"A scientist is working on a suspended animation process where a human being is frozen and then revived later. Deciding to use himself as a guinea pig, the scientist has his assistant place him into suspended animation to prove the process works. While in the process, the scientist's ex-wife (sic) is murdered (sic) and he becomes the prime suspect in her death," according to the DVD sleeve's synopsis.Actually, the woman is not "the scientist's ex-wife", and nobody is conventionally "murdered".The scientists in question are dedicated veteran Mark Stevens (as Dr. Frank Overton) and his attractive young assistant, Marianne Koch (as Dr. Helen Wieland). They are drawn to each other at work , a fact first noticed by Mr. Stevens' perceptive wife, Delphi Lawrence (as Joan Overton). The cybernetics storyline seems most interesting, initially; but, Ms. Lawrence's characterization is the best part of "Der Fall X701" (re-titled "Fro…

There's a Monty Python sketch called "The Adventures of Ralph Mellish", in which the mind-numbingly ordinary routine of a file clerk's morning commute is paired with feverishly dramatic narration and an ominous score. But the joke is that despite all the build-ups, nothing exciting happens to Mr. Mellish: By the side of the road, there's no dismembered trunk of a man in his late 50s … no head in a bag … nothing … ("not a sausage", as our wacky friends across the water put it).It was a hilarious premise for a short comedy skit, but for this excruciatingly dreary 75-minute-long West German import (one hesitates to call it a "drama") it blows economy-size chunks.Dr. Frank Overton and colleague Dr. Helen Wieland have just been awarded a prize for their successful experiments in suspended animation via cryogenic freezing, using chimps as subjects. They believe the process is ready to be tested on humans, but the higher-ups are reluctant.Dr…

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